Congratulations to Dawn Lamb, advanced specialist physiotherapist in Acute Stroke and Neuro-Rehab, who has been awarded a postgraduate certificate in Clinical Research with Distinction from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University.

Helen McGahon, associate director of AHPs said: “Dawn’s research demonstrates how the assessment skills and knowledge physiotherapists have can support other professions and ensure patients have quick and accurate diagnosis which can therefore improve experience and provide more efficient use of our services. Dawn’s plans to carry out the initial research of the tool she has designed for first assessments of the dizzy patient in A&E at NCIC see us as the pioneers of this approach.   

“Well done Dawn who is again demonstrating how AHPs can support improvements in our system and in the NHS."

Dawn has a special interest in patients with dizziness and has observed how complicated this symptom is to diagnose. She has developed a flowchart to help staff to identify when a person who has symptoms of dizziness is actually suffering from a stroke. Dawn has had her research into the complex area of dizziness and stroke published and has presented at the European Stroke Organisation Congress in Milan. She is also presenting her work at the UK Stroke Forum at The International Centre in Telford in December which is the UK's largest multidisciplinary conference for stroke care professionals.

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