Lisa Main.PNG The biggest vaccination programme in history is now well underway and it began in Cumbria. Our staff are proud to be part of that history.

One nurse who jumped at the chance to be part of that history is Lisa Main, she is a district nurse based in Carlisle. Lisa has a special interest in vaccinations and explained why she wanted to do her part:

She said: “Vaccination historically has been proved to be the most successful way of giving population immune protection from deadly diseases.  To be nursing during this pandemic for everyone has been challenging on a scale we never imagined.  Being involved in the COVID 19 vaccination service has felt like somewhat of a turning point, protecting our populations, our future and the very start of eradicating this disease.  It has come with its challenges and many people remain anxious about getting their vaccination.”

For me I remind myself we are making history and we have to have faith in the hard scientific work that will have gone into producing this vaccine and remain focused on a better safer future.”

“When I was walking home from the shift in the vaccination hub it was a Saturday night and the town was completely silent, no traffic no people it was slightly eerie, but as I walked under the civic centre the blue heart lit windows made me feel emotional in a positive way.  The isolation in the city felt special and I started re thinking the day in the HUB and how lovely it felt to be part of the camaraderie that day and how at long last it felt really good to be involved in something positive, now a real change of going in the right direction and the little cabin outside CIC can make a difference”

 Lisa was so inspired by the day’s events she wrote the below poem to share with her colleagues and the people of Cumbria.

The Blue Heart Lit Windows

The sun sets over the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle

Pause…. Tek stock…… reflect for a while

Sharps bins full of syringes is a satisfying sight

As our battle with Covid we continue to fight

Nurse vaccinators at their posts….. stand down

Remove PPE… visor, mask and gown

Matron kindly commands clean and prepare for the next day,

The war not yet won, our focus mustn’t stray

The mortuary sign is a cold hard reminder

Not everyone will make it, yet there is hope, the future looks kinder

I hear nurses chatter of lock down play time

Walks in the park….. box sets….. drink wine!

We talk of our loved ones the closeness we carve

But for now keep going, stay strong and be brave

And now I walk home…. Breathe…. Take this all in your stride

I see the blue heart lit windows and my hear fills with pride

Our service is not perfect I have to confess

But tonight I am Proud, to serve, to protect, our wonderful NHS


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