North Cphoto-of-person-holding-black-smartphone-3747136.jpgumbria NHS Integrated Care NHS Trust is offering former patients and their loved ones the opportunity to send messages to staff as well as patients.

Following feedback that people wanted to come and give their personal thanks to those who have cared for them or their loved ones the Trust worked with the Patient Experience and Involvement Team and Patient Advice and Liaison Service to set something up.

Sylvia Atherton, Patient Experience Manager, said: “We’ve had many letters of thanks from patients with and without COVID-19. Usually people would pop back in to say thank you to the staff but that’s not possible at the moment so having something different in place is important.”

Those who want to send a message to staff can fill in a form and the messages, photos or drawings will be laminated and shared with the staff member of team. It is similar to the process that is in place for loved ones to share their messages to patients.

Sylvia added: “It’s great for the patients but also gives the staff a big boost when they’re appreciated by those they have cared for”

Say thanks and send drawings or photographs to a member of our team using the form below. We'll make sure it gets passed on to the right person or team. 

Send your message.

People are also able to send messages to patients in hospital using the following form: Send a message to your loved one

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