Stu, Glenn and Lenny.jpegShow of heart to the Cardiology department

As the clock strikes one minute past midnight on the 30th May, two Carlisle men will begin an indoor 24 hour cycling event to raise funds for the Cardiology Department at the Cumberland Infirmary.

Stu Green and Glenn Howard will be completing a 24 hour challenge, using an indoor exercise bike. The fundraiser is in memory of Stu’s fiancé, Megan Stephenson, who sadly passed away on the 18th March at only 29 years-old. Later, they learned that Megan had lived the majority of her adult life with underlying heart conditions which is a topic they want to raise awareness around too.

Stu Green added: “Megan was brave, enthusiastic, loving and inspiring with everything she encountered in life. This is our opportunity to help give something back and support the NHS in Megan’s memory.”

Glenn Howard said: “The Cardiology department worked tirelessly and provided incredible care throughout the procedure. The comfort they provided Stu and Megan’s family is something that they are eternally grateful for.”

The two men plan to start at 00:01 on Saturday 30th May and finish at 00:01 on Sunday 31st May. Glenn and Stu will be biking one hour on, one hour off continuously.

The pair added: “We both have family and friends who work for the NHS, as well as having personal experience of how amazing the staff are. We are grateful for all your support as we tackle this epic challenge. Thank you, from Glenn and Stu.”

The duo have already raised over £3000 and hope to raise more during the challenge tomorrow! 

Donate In memory of Megan here.

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