If you have visited either the Cumberland Infirmary (CIC) or West Cumberland Hospital (WCH) sites, you will notice that there is significant work taking place at the moment in addition to the building of the cancer centre in Carlisle and the demolition at WCH.Hospitals for the future.jpg

A range of improvements are being undertaken with the £4m funding we have secured nationally to prepare for the winter in addition to the £8m that has been secured to replace the CT and MRI scanner at the CIC.  Our teams are doing their best to ensure there is minimum disruption across the sites and once complete, the works will ensure we are able to significantly improve the environment for delivering patient care.

As part of the £4m funding we received to get hospitals ready for the winter we are undertaking:

  • Significant upgrade for the paediatric facility within Accident & Emergency at CIC.   Work on this starts this week and will utilise the space that was occupied by the site co-ordinators and discharge teams to make way for three consulting rooms, a triage area and an improved waiting area.  The site co-ordinators have moved into the medical records space opposite and the discharge teams have moved to the Pillar Building at CIC.  Work is also being planned to create 9 additional rooms in the A&E department.
  • The introduction of Same Day Emergency Care at the Cumberland Infirmary which went live in August, with the building works due to complete by December.   The dermatology service has been relocated to Hill Top Heights and further updates will follow
  • We are making changes to some of the inpatient areas in CIC in order to increase the number of single rooms we have access to. This will help with isolating patients where this is required, while maintaining our bed capacity.  This includes utilising Aspen as an inpatient area with surgical pre-admissions moving into a temporary area on the ground floor in the day surgery and endoscopy areas and displacement of some consultant and SAS doctors rooms which we are looking at options for.
  • Work has already started in Larch C to provide an additional room that enables us to isolate patients for infection prevention and to improve the environment for patients on the ward.
  • A refurbishment of ward 4 at WCH has taken place with a, new air conditioning unit, lighting, nurses station and medicine cupboard being fitted. This brings a much improved environment for both patients and staff. A refurbishment of ward 3 starts this week.
  • £1.75m has been allocated to improve the flow of Urgent & Emergency Care services at WCH. This will allow for improvements for the same day emergency care  facility and moving Ambulatory Care to a modular building which will accommodate treatment areas, doctor’s room and a procedure room. 

This work is all in addition to the planned work taking place to provide a new diagnostic suite on the ground floor of the Cumberland Infirmary site.  A new CT scanner was recently delivered and an MRI scanner will be installed mid-November.  The new facility will house the new scanners as well as an increased ultrasound capacity and is expected to be up and running in December.  It is the first stage of an £8m investment which includes an upgrade to the current facilities on the first floor of the infirmary and once the work is fully complete it will mean services will no longer rely on the mobile units. It will also significantly increase capacity and provide much improved diagnostic quality which will also support patients accessing the new cancer centre on the site. All works are expected to be completed by spring 2021.

Anna Stabler, chief nurse said: “This has been a significant piece of work and I know it has involved moving and disrupting many teams to facilitate this often at short notice and I’m very grateful for the support and patience with all the moves.  Ultimately, this will ensure we are ready for this winter and will significantly enhance the environment and facilities available to us for delivering patient care across the Trust.”

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