Midwives at the Cumberland Infirmary and West Cumberland Hospital delivered at least four Christmas Day babies this year.

Three of them were born at the Cumberland Infirmary.

Rose Rogers was the first baby born on Christmas Day at the Cumberland infirmary at 12.51am to parents Lydia Leith and Matt Rogers.

New mum Lydia said that having a baby on Christmas Day was the best gift they could have had.

She said: “It was made possible by the midwives, doctors and all of the staff on the labour ward at the Cumberland Infirmary, who were second to none, very caring, reassuring and going the extra mile.”

At the West Cumberland Hospital, proud parents Alyx McCarron and Daniel Joyce welcomed their second son, LouisBaby Louis.jpg Alexander Joyce at 1.31am on Christmas Day. He weighed 8lbs 3oz.

Louis was the first Christmas baby to be born at West Cumberland Hospital this year and his delighted big brother, Henry James, 22 months, was also the first leap year baby to be born at the hospital on February 29, last year.

Alyx went into hospital on December 23 to be induced after going over her due date of December 19.

She said: "Our little Christmas baby. It was a surprise. We thought he was going to be here on Christmas Eve.

"We got a little Christmas present from the hospital. The staff were all lovely. We couldn't fault them at all.”

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