Congratulations.jpgTwo babies were born at NCIC’s hospitals on Christmas Day.

At the Cumberland Infirmary, Roman Arthur Collinson was born at 7.42am on Christmas Day to parents Chloe and Ben Collinson.

The couple, who live in Brough, near Penrith, have been cared for throughout the pregnancy by midwives at Penrith hospital and, in the run up to Roman's birth, at CIC.

Chloe praised staff in Penrith and Carlisle for their help in delivering baby Roman, in particular two midwives, Charlotte and Kate.

She said: "Everyone was absolutely incredible it was such a good experience. Penrith hospital - the midwives there were just incredible and then in Carlisle the midwives there... I just can't thank them enough.

"The healthcare assistants were incredible, we even got a Christmas dinner through the day - it was fab.”

At West Cumberland Hospital,  a baby boy called Zachary was born at 10.05am on Christmas Day.