storm.PNGThe weekend saw colleagues going above and beyond to ensure patient care wasn’t compromised demonstrating all of our valued in bucket loads. Staff came in on non-working days to support teams and worked flexibly across usual boundaries. One nurse visited patients in her village even though she wasn’t working, others picked up extra visits near their home or came in to drive colleagues whose car couldn’t cope with the weather conditions. 

The team lead wasn’t able to get into work due to flooding but she worked from home co-ordinating patient visits and identifying patients living closest to staff members so that the staff weren’t travelling unnecessarily. 

One member of staff brought in sand bags for a member of staff who had been flooded, she then worked even though she wasn’t rostered on and when she finished her shift she went to volunteer with Appleby Community Emergency Response team!  

In Carlisle weekend and out of hours staff across all services worked tirelessly to ensure that all patients were kept safe and supported in their own homes. The severe weather meant that our teams across Carlisle were extremely busy as journeys took much longer.  However, all patient visits, emergency calls and Home Care Practitioner calls were completed safely.  

Our teams in Eden are continuing to support around 700 patients out in the community who are affected by the major incident relating to the water supply.  They are working tirelessly to ensure vulnerable patients have enough water and are kept safe while the work continues.

A huge thanks to everyone for their continued support, enthusiasm and commitment to ensure our patients and staff were kept safe.