person-making-clay-figures-1449934.jpgWe’re extremely pleased that children’s occupational therapists from the Trust have been included in May’s edition of Occupational Therapy News (OTnews) published by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT).

The piece highlights the work that our staff are doing to support children and young people and keep the service running to the best of their capabilities during the current situation.

It reads:

Supporting children in North Cumbria

Children’s occupational therapists at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust work in the community working with babies, children and young people.

They are carrying out telephone assessments for new referrals, followed by an email to parents with personalised information, advice and resources to help the child reach their identified goals.

Therapists have provided home programmes for families of children already known to them and will keep in regular contact by telephone to monitor and adjust programmes as required.

The team is also working with equipment providers to support families via Skype to adjust seating and other equipment. Home vitals are still offered to families whose needs are prioritised for direct contact.’

Katie Raine, Integrated Team Manager said:

‘I am very proud of the hard work that Children's Specialist staff county wide who have used innovative and altered ways of working to best support the children they work with and keep services running. It’s important to implement new ways of working when the usual methods aren’t possible as it enable us to keep helping the children and young people we work with.’

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