diversecumbriaall.jpgNCIC attended the Diverse Cumbria awards on Saturday night and was represented by Justine Steele, Director of People Services who presented an award for positive role model. We were shortlisted in two categories for its learn by lived experience series of events and the respect and inclusion ambassadors.

Lisa Robinson, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion co-ordinator was behind a series of learn by lived experience sessions which began last year. The virtual teams sessions cover powerful personal experiences from our staff members on a range of subjects including gender diversity, racism, mental health, Diwali, and empowering women in medicine. Johnny Nyaaba, staff nurse who has also delivered a learn by lived experience session on the sacrifices he has made in moving from Ghana to the UK joined Lisa at the event. diversecumbrialearnbylived.jpg

Lisa said, "Even though we didn't win on the night, we are still very proud to be shortlisted from all of the entries. I'm so grateful to all of the staff members who have been really brave to share their very personal stories. There has been tears and laughter from both presenters and attendees all shared in a safe space and I'm proud that these stories are helping our wider organisation understand and respect each other’s differences."

diversecumbriambassadors.jpgAmanda Sutton-Heaton, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian has worked with Lisa to establish a network of Respect and Inclusion Ambassadors to help more staff feel able to speak up. Amanda said, “We didn’t win but we have had a great night. Lisa and I are still so proud of what we have achieved and want to say a big thank you to all the ambassadors for what you do.”

diversecumbriarolemodel.jpgJustine Steele presented the winner of the positive role model category Matty Thicke from the Penrith Puma’s with his award after the attendees had heard a powerful and inspirational story about how wheelchair rugby has helped him cope following an accident in which he was left paralysed from the waist down.

Justine said: “It was a real privilege to be able to present Matty with his award. From a Trust perspective although we didn’t win it’s a big achievement to have been shortlisted for two awards given the challenging year we have had. It shows that we have not taken the focus off inclusion. We know we have a long way to go but we have got a lot of dedicated and really passionate people.”

Well done to everyone.