North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Trust is continuing to ask patients who are due to come into hospital for surgery, and their families, to self-isolate for 14 days beforehand.

This is in order to protect patients and make sure that they are as prepared for their surgery as possible. It is therefore vital that patients and their household to follow strict self-isolation guidelines for 14 days before and after surgery. This is to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus (COVID-19), which can impact on recovery and, in some cases, cause serious complications. 

The guidelines the Trust is providing for self-isolation are stricter than updated NICE guidance due to the continued risk of infection in the county. Patient safety is our utmost priority and those who do not follow the self-isolation guidance may need their surgery cancelled.

All patients will be contacted with guidance about what self-isolation means and tips to help support you during that time.

The full letter that patients will receive is here.

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