North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust has welcomed 11 newly qualified junior doctors to help with the COVID 19 response.

As part of the UK’s response to COVID-19 newly qualified junior doctors have been given the opportunity to join the NHS workforce sooner than normal.

Liz Klein, Lead Medical Clinical Educator said:

“Usually newly qualified doctors start their Foundation Training Programme in August but at this time of national crisis they have been able to volunteer onto the programme early. The doctors will be supporting the clinical workforce in providing important patient care particularly when clinical teams are stretched.”

Dr Rachael Charlton is one of the new junior doctors, she said:

“I don’t think there was a moment’s hesitation for most of us when asked if we wanted to start working early – we’re honoured to be able to join the NHS family. We’ve been working for five years at medical school for this and we’re happy to be able to help, and excited to get started.”

Liz Klein added:

“The new recruits will be working in a variety of clinical wards caring for both Covid-19 and non Covid-19 patients and will be based at the Cumberland Infirmary. They will be shadowing existing junior doctors, sharing the workload and undertaking relevant clinical tasks.”

The 11 newly qualified junior doctors have volunteered to interim Foundation Year 1 posts (FiY1) and the Trust hopes to welcome more in the coming weeks.

The Trust will also welcome some final year nursing students who have chosen to come and work for the Trust. More details on these new recruits soon.


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