We recently opened up more visiting to adult inpatient wards across the Trust, by making an appointment with the ward directly.

There are some wards who are not able to accept visitors by appointment as they are admission or short stay wards; patients will move on/be discharged from these wards quickly making appointment systems unworkable. Visiting by exception on these wards will continue i.e. care of the dying, patients with confusion, patients with learning difficulties and must be agreed with the ward manager.

These are:

The Cumberland Infirmary:

  • Aspen Ward (Short stay elective surgery)
  • Hazel ward (emergency surgical admissions)
  • Acute Medical Unit (emergency medical admissions)
  • CCU (coronary care unit)

West Cumberland Hospital:

  • Emergency Assessment Unit
  • SDEC (same day emergency care)
  • Ward 6 (emergency medical admissions)
  • CCU (coronary care unit)

Also for those patients who arrive at our hospitals for an outpatient appointment, diagnostic appointment or A&E you are now able, if you wish, to bring one other person with you. This person should be a close family contact, or somebody important to you who can support you with any complex/difficult decisions.

Children under 16 are not able to visit, we know that COVID rates remain high in young unvaccinated people in Cumbria (12-16 age groups have only had one vaccine dose) and have made this decision in the interests of safety of patients and staff.  However if there is a special circumstances as outlined above, please contact the ward to discuss this directly.

Please note: Visiting will be suspended on wards if an outbreak of coronavirus, flu, norovirus or any other infection occurs. We will aim to contact scheduled visitors as soon as possible and we apologise in advance for the upset this may cause, however patient safety remains our highest priority.

Unable to visit? Send your loved one a message:

If a patients loved ones cannot visit them yplease explain that we are able help them end them a message.

The Patient Experience Team can support relatives to send a message, they will be printed and laminated and then sent to the relevant ward.

Relatives need to email or phone their message in and include:

  • Your loved ones name and date of birth
  • Your message with a photograph included as an email attachment if you wish.

Anyone who wants to send a message to a relative in hospital should contact:

Freephone: 01228 602128 or 01228 814309

Email PET@ncic.nhs.uk

The service is available Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

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