This is a screening service only. Your test results will be sent to your GP. If you need further treatment, you’ll be referred to a specialist to discuss your options.

Before your appointment

Do not drive to or from your appointment. Your eye sight will be blurry for a few hours afterwards. We recommend that you arrange for someone to come with you or that you are collected from your appointment.

What to bring:

  • all the glasses and contact lenses you wear
  • your contact lens solution
  • sunglasses to wear after the test

Your appointment will last about 30 minutes. It will begin with a sight test, during which you’ll be asked to read some letters from a chart while sitting down. We’ll then put some drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils. These might sting for a few seconds.

When the drops start working, you’ll be asked to look into a camera. Pictures will be taken of the back of your eyes. You’ll see a bright flash when the picture is taken.

Your results will be sent to you and your doctor within 6 weeks. If you do not receive your results letter within 6 weeks, contact your GP.

Go back to where you had the test or go to A&E if:

  • your eyes become very painful
  • your eyes turn red
  • your sight is still blurry after 6 hours

These side effects are rare but need to be checked quickly.

Cumbria Diabetic Eye Screening Programme
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Furness General Hospital
Barrow in Furness
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