During our Festival of Thanks this week Cumbrian communities have been sending in their messages of thanks for our NHS workers.thank you.png

Here are a selection of messages we've been sent in:

Thank you to Saima Afzal, Occupational Therapist at West Cumberland Hospital

The patient was recently on ward 3a. She described her time initially going through the hospital system as scary but when she met you, you were warm, caring and took time to help her come to terms with her condition. She instantly warmed to your “big smile” and she loved that you took time to find meaningful activities for her to complete between rehab sessions and the wonderful breakfast club – all of which have helped her tremendously getting back to feeling like herself again.  

Thank you to Steve Gunn, Physiotherapist at West Cumberland Hospital

I would like to share my huge appreciation for the Physiotherapists professionalism.  They showed smoothing that seems to be increasingly rare today.  They had patience, understanding, ability, knowledge, confidence, and bravery to take responsibility of dealing with my problem as and how they felt appropriate.

Thank you to A&E at the Cumberland Infirmary

I was checked out on the evening of Sunday 30/8/20 having been referred from Penrith MIU with a heart related matter. Everyone I came into contact was friendly and good humoured. I was dealt with as quickly as I believe was possible and kept informed all of the time. I was seen by on duty medic consultant who was reassuring and thorough. The staff in reception and x ray were also very pleasant. Thanks to all involved.

Thank you to Audiology at Cumberland Infirmary

Thank you for your prompt response when I contacted you with the needs of my macular clients’ partners. I received their thanks due to you.  They got their partners help back once hearing aids sorted.

Rainbow on floor 2.jpegThank you to the Coronary Care Unit

Fantastic ward, I couldn’t of got better in a 5* hotel

Thank you to Dr Andrew Jones, Haematology

A very big thank you to you for going above and beyond and making my elderly parents lives so much better. This isn't the first time that you have helped my Dad to get an appointment when he desperately needed help. We are very grateful to you and my Dad can now hear again after being totally deaf for weeks thanks to an appointment arranged this morning

Thank you to Erin, Specialist Heart Failure Nurse 

Thank you Erin for your professionalism and expertise when dealing with my husband this Thursday.  He came in feeling insecure because of the length of time since discharge without help and you encouraged him and took time and care with him.

He is grateful for all the tablet adjustments and he was sure he was with someone who knew what she was talking about!!  We are really grateful, huge thank you

Thank you to Simon and the staff nurse on duty at the Cumberland Infirmary

My father in law passed away with you on the 19th in the early hours of the morning in intensive care. I would like to thank you Simon and the nurse who was with you for the way you treated us all. To do the job you all do and still have the time to talk with such care and compassion to relatives is really something else.

Although it is sad we didn’t see him before he passed away, I know it was for the best and seeing him like we did will be a better last memory for Dorothy than tubes and machines. Frank was a stubborn old bugger but a well loved one that! Thank you for what you all do, all your hard work in the most difficult times, your compassion and dedication. Thankfully in the darkest times there are people like you x

Thank you to Hannah on the maternity ward at the Cumberland Infirmary

Thank you so much for all the care you gave me through my long labour, you were so calm and understanding. Also thank you to everyone else who looked after me and Hughie x

Emergency services clapping at CIC 2.jpegThank you to Antonios Abdel, Physio on Beech Wards at the Cumberland Infirmary

What can I say, what a beautiful young man that helped me recover from my recent ill health. All the best

Thank you to NCIC partners and Placement Education Facilitators

The University of Cumbria would like to recognise all the wonderful dedication of our partners over the past 6 months - nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and radiographers and everyone who works at NCIC.

Our Placement Education Facilitators have done a great job to enable our students to be mobilised as part of the workforce, and we are so proud of you, our colleagues and our students. Wishing you all well.

Thank you to Gemma Robinson, Ward 2 at West Cumberland Hospital

Well done Gemma and all the staff on Ward 2, and in our hospitals. You have shown amazing strength and courage. Selfless angels.I am so incredibly proud of you - and love you lots.

Thank you to Louise Farmer, Radiographer at the Cumberland Infirmary

Thank you to radiographer Louise, she made me feel at ease, she was very professional and fun. Made my visit to X-ray a happy one. Keep smiling Louise.

Wall of Hope carlisle recovery centre.jpgThank you to Sarah Gibson, Trainee Nurse Cadet on the Acute Medical Unit

You were absolutely fantastic! You are going to be a brilliant nurse and I can tell you will go far.

Thank you to Dr Franchesca Thomson, Beech A, Cumberland Infirmary

Thank you for your time and kindness clarifying my misunderstanding of my discharge summary. I am so grateful you came back to remove my venflon and I had the opportunity speak with you. I was seen at RVI by Mr Major on 19/08, had pre assessment, and am having surgery on 28/08. Now busy trying to build myself up ready for the fray, trying to walk better, and losing some weight [moderate success despite the increased dexamethasone]. The lockdown had not done my weight any good!! Thank you for your reassurance and encouragement - this is not going to be a walk in the park, but I am thinking a positive mantra [most of the time] and shall get through this, even if I have to slow down a bit.

Thank you to all staff on Elm A at the Cumberland Infirmary

They did such a wonderful job with Dad, and he is getting better and stronger every day. He is walking unaided, off the pureed food now and really doing well. We can not thank you all enough.

Thank you to Andrea Lack, Nurse at the Heart Centre at the Cumberland Infirmary

Thanks to a wonderful nurse called Andrea Lack, professional, made me feel safe. Very hard working and honest.

Laser lights CIC 13.pngThank you to Abbie Stainton, Student Midwife, Maternity Ward at the Cumberland Infirmary

We gave birth to our first child on Monday 6th July 2020, under the care of student midwife Abbie and her colleague Liz.Both were truly amazing but the care provided to us by Abbie was everything we could have asked for and more.

She provided support, laughter and real care when we needed it most.

Please pass on our thanks to all staff on the maternity ward who cared and assisted us, but Abbie really made us feel so comfortable and really helped us have a positive experience.

Thank you to Ophthalmology at the Cumberland Infirmary

Many relieved patients treated at the macular clinic their thanks passed back to you

Thank you to Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Teams at the Cumberland Infirmary

Thank you to all OTs and Physios for your marvellous work!

Thank you to the Respiratory Clinic

Thank you for the thorough treatment and follow up of my daughter…...

Thank you to Rachel Glover, Ward 3 at West Cumberland Hospital

Well done to all the staff on Ward 3. You are all amazing, caring and selfless.

Thank you to North Cumbria Respiratory Team

Respiratory outpatient team at Carlisle please. Lovely team that regularly keeps in touch super supportive and tells me off too when I need it.

wallofhopepic.jpgThank you to Neurology 

Your whole department have been outstanding and extremely helpful during an extremely difficult time for me.

Thank you to the Loweswater Ward West Cumberland Hospital

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our nana, we appreciate everything that you all done and despite us being a big family, you allowed us all to spend precious time with her.  We wish that we could thank you all personally.  You are all truly amazing and the NHS are blessed to have you.  Forever grateful thanks

Thank you to the ICC in Cockermouth

Thank you so very much for looking after our precious wife, mum and grandma.  You are all so kind, caring and dedicated.  Thank you for all the amazing work you do, especially in these difficult times.

Thank you to the nurses Di, Anneka, Adele, Galena, Frya and Luke on Elm A at the Cumberland Infirmary

Can you convey my deep appreciation, admiration and regards to all staff involved with my care, especially the ambulance staff on 20-08-2020 call out, the doctors and consultants, nurses and the occupational therapy and early supported discharge staff who are also providing valuable ongoing care.  Hospital staff were obviously pressed with current circumstances but their kindness and professionalism were very evident.

Thank you to the Carlisle District nurses

Just wanted to say thank you for the kindness, support and care you showed my wife.  You all do an amazing job.  Thank you again

Laser lights CIC 2.pngThank you to the Acquired Brain Injury team

I wasn't aware I would be contacted by the Rehabilitation Team.  It was a welcome call.  Everything was explained perfectly.  Grateful for the call.  I have kept the contact number.

Thank you to the Maryport day Unit

Thank you to the A team thank you so much for looking after me so well, I really appreciate your care and your happy atmosphere here at Maryport Hospital. You always make long days here easier to deal with.

Thank you to the Sexual Health Team in south Cumbria

Fast, effective, calming. A marvellous and kind lady who dealt with amazingly and made me feel so comfortable.

Thank you to the Furness specialist dentistry

For all of you lovely people, thank you to each and every one of you who have helped me in my journey to starting chemo. I was tearful and afraid because I couldn’t get anyone to understand why I felt I should be seen, that is until yesterday, when a lovely, wonderful, life saving nurse said its ok i understand i will sort this out for you. I am so sorry i didnt catch you're name and really wish i had. From that moment on i felt safe and listened to, you have no idea how much that has helped me emotionally.

You are always able to send in your messages of thanks to our staff and all messages will be shared with the team or individual by our Patient Experience Team.