Kerryn Price - Theatre Improvement Lead 

The only way to describe my learning journey is to use a well-known cliché – a rollercoaster ride!

I started off by attending 2 days at Lancaster University with mixed feels of hope, excitement and trepidation; I cannot remember the last time I was in an education setting – Woolworths was still open and I can remember buying my pens and notebooks – far from the phones, laptops and iPads I used this time!  However, I was soon made to feel at ease and had a great (slightly overwhelming) 2 days.  I quickly formed new ‘buddy’ groups and got into new routines of balancing fulltime work, family and study.

The first 18 months felt relentless at times (study – write - submit – repeat) as I made my way through the 8 modules.   I thoroughly enjoyed these and felt an immense feeling of satisfaction and pride every time I passed one.  

I’m happy to share with you that I did fail one module (around Christmas time) however, did not beat myself up about this and gained some rejuvenated spirt to pick myself up and carry on – I had new found determination as did not want fail another!  I received tremendous support from my tutor, ‘buddy groups’ and line manager.

When it came to the project things slowed down which was a nice change and it enabled me to really put into practice my learning over the last 18 months.   I hadn’t realised how far I had come or how much I had learnt until this point.

My top tips for studying this course are:

  1. Use your ‘buddy’ groups – they are a constant source of support and inspiration
  2. Don’t panic & take your time
  3. Try not to feel overwhelmed and break each module down into manageable pieces of work
  4. Engage in the on-line forums – again another source of support
  5. Enjoy it – it is a marvellous opportunity and one that I am truly grateful for


It is not easy but most things in life worth having are not – stick with it;
 it will be worth it in the end.

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