Racheal Ferguson.jpgRachael Ferguson - Nursing Associate Apprentice

My journey so far:

I work on larch C ward at the Cumberland Infirmary, which is a 24 bed elderly care ward. I’ve worked on the ward for 12 years, and worked on the bank as a HCA for 3 years before that.

I started my Nursing Associate apprenticeship course in June 2018, and have completed it in June 2020.  The apprenticeship involving working full time, and going to university one day a week as well as undertaking external placements in other areas that are totally different to our normal working environment.  On completion of the apprenticeship I secured a Band 4 registered role on the ward.

I enjoyed the Nursing Associate apprenticeship so much that when I was offered the opportunity to top up to a Registered Nurse under the apprenticeship scheme with the backing of the ward I couldn’t refuse.  I commenced the top up which is a 2 year apprenticeship with the University of Central Lancashire in September 2020 and can’t wait to learner more.

The only regret I have is not doing something like this earlier! I always wanted to doing something more, as I had already completed an NVQ level 3 In health and social care and felt like I wanted to do more, but didn’t have the financial resources to leave work and become a full time student.

You get to learn new skills and train while earning a full time wage.

The team I work with on my ward have been very supportive and have created an ideal environment to learn new skills work with and learn from experienced staff.  I would like to thank them and the Trust for supporting me through my career progression.

I’ve finally found what I want to be when I’m older!

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