Elm C Dementia Friendly.jpgFields of bluebells have appeared on a ward at the Cumberland Infirmary as it has been transformed into a dementia friendly environment for patients.

Bays on the Elm C ward have been named after flowers – Sunflower, Primrose and Bluebell - to improve the experience for our patients.

Leanne Story, Dementia Nurse Specialist at NCIC, explained: “We are trying to make Elm C a more dementia friendly environment for our patients.

“The sign outside the room is named after a flower and then there are pictures of the flowers in the windows.

“All the pictures in the window allow the light through so they have really brightened up the rooms.

“The idea is to make the environment a less clinical and scary place for patients.

“The idea of a bay being in theme with a flower will also help with orientation and allowing patients to walk around the ward and be able to easily find there room again.

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