The MSK Physiotherapy team in west Cumbria have been adapting the way they work to continue providing support to their patients.

The team have now switched over 700 face to face appointments to telephone consultations aiming to provide quality advice and support.

Laura Hocking, MSK Team Lead Physiotherapist said:

“Our team have taken it all in their stride and adapted so well over the past few weeks. Over a dozen of our staff have been redeployed and are now working with our acute team colleagues who are providing them with fantastic support. We have had more staff who have called to offer their assistance this week too, which has been great to hear.

“The West MSK Leads also had our first online meeting which was a technology success!

“We’re supporting staff, in the acute setting’s, health and wellbeing and have made our own ‘wobble room’ otherwise known as the ‘bubble room’ with the idea inspired from other teams around the country; this offers staff a place to go if they’re needing some quiet time.

"Hilary Stitt, Interim Acute Physiotherapy Team Lead, also made the suggestion of a ‘get it off your chest’ box. The idea of the box is to write down any concerns or worries or something that staff might not feel comfortable expressing verbally. They can be left as anonymous comments and are being reviewed daily”.

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