The demolition project at West Cumberland Hospital is progressing well with the majority of demolition works planned to be complete in August 2020 with final building interfaces and structures completing in December 2020. 

The work re-started in April in line with updated government guidelines. This allows construction work to continue subject to stringent guidance, which Demolition contractor, GBM  are fully compliant with. 

GBM have returned to site at WCH to carry out essential demolition works so that phase two of the new hospital plan can begin to get underway again. 

This is a positive move forward after building works were halted due to the pandemic. Workers are following strict social distancing guidelines and are currently working with a limited crew to a carry out the essential works.

The construction site at West Cumberland is completely self-contained and does not require access to the hospital itself for the crews to carry out their work.

As the demolition works are moving closer to the existing Hospital, we will begin to experience further noise and vibration despite possible mitigation measures being in place. This is safe and perfectly normal for the operations being undertaken on the site and being monitored by the Redevelopment Project team with support from Health and Safety on a daily basis.

Whilst we appreciate that this will inconvenience staff in close proximity to the demolition site for a number of weeks, we seek your understanding and co-operation as we try to conclude the demolition works safely but also in the quickest possible timescale to minimise the overall disruption.

Upon completion, this major milestone makes way for the development of the new extension to the hospital.

We appreciate your understanding on this matter, if you have any serious concerns or questions regarding the redevelopment, do not hesitate to contact the Project team. 


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