The specialist palliative care unit will be one of the areas which will move into the new build, which is part of the phase two of the redevelopment of West Cumberland Hospital. 

The unit will be based on the ground floor of the hospital, which will mean patients can have access to a private outdoor courtyard area. Time spent away from the ward is extremely important to patients, a space where they can sit with family or friends and enjoy a quiet moment in the fresh air is imperative as explained by Matron for the area Andrea Hendren:

“The new specialist palliative care ward will make a huge difference to both staff and patients. The patients we care for are at the end of their life, they want the opportunity to go outside in the sunshine, for some time away from the ward with their loved ones. They want a chance to have moonlight picnics or take some time out to enjoy the fresh air, safe in the knowledge that should they need us we’re close at hand. The new facilities being on the ground floor and will make these things possible and enable the staff to provide the most compassionate care to patients and their families." 

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The Loweswater unit will benefit from a private entrance and will be separate from other wards and areas. This allows the patients, their families and carers the privacy and dignity they need under difficult circumstances. 

The new and improved Loweswater suite will private rooms with more room for family and carers to stay with their loved ones in a much improved environment. 

The team who work on the Loweswater suite are thrilled to be moving into the new area. Andrea went onto explain:

“This is a compassionate workforce here on the Loweswater suite, we want to offer these patients the very best care possible, we have all had a hand in making design decisions which we feel will benefit the patients and staff here. We know that these changes will be key in being able to offer the very best care to patients, which is so important to use here on the Loweswater suite.”

Loweswater Suite- Specialist Palliative Care 

At West Cumberland Hospital we have a specialist palliative care team who support adults over the age of 18 who have life limiting illnesses that require specialist support. The aim of palliative care is to achieve the best quality of life in difficult circumstances for the patient, their families and carers.

The palliative care team at WCH is made up of:

  • Consultants
  • Specialist doctors
  • Nurse Practitioners 
  • Matron
  • Staff Nurses
  • Healthcare Assistants  

The teams are often supported by other health care professionals within our community, including District nurses and Macmillan nurses.

The Service

The team on the Loweswater suite are there to help and support Adult patients considered to be within the last 12 months of life, their families and carers. The team offer specialist care tailored to the individual needs of each and every patient.  The team are responsible for ensuring a seamless and supported journey for patients, working with different teams from inside and outside of the Trust to offer a holistic approach to patient care.  These might include Macmillan nurses or District nurses if a patient wishes to be cared for at home. 

The team are on hand to offer expert advice on how to control patient symptoms, to improve comfort and enhance the quality of life of each patient depending on their individual needs. They provide advice and support on the emotional impact of a patient’s condition. The team can also offer advice and support for family members and or carers.

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