Phase 2 of the Redevelopment of WCH 

A £40 million investment to deliver phase 2 of the West Cumberland Hospital (WCH) redevelopment has been proposed and is waiting for approval by NHS Improvement. Subject to approval, it will bring a huge upgrade in facilities for both patients and staff creating a better environment, retaining bed capacity and services for the site and improving the capacity to undertake additional planned operations in the future.

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust has developed an ambitious plan to replace approximately 40% of the original structure at WCH and build upon the £90m phase 1 of the project which was completed in 2015. 

The redevelopment includes a Specialist Pallative Care unit, a 24 bed 'Step Down' area as well as a Stroke and Rehabilitaion ward and a Short Stay Paediatric Assessment Unit, and 7 inpatient beds.

Artist Impression of Phase 2 

This image is a 3D visualisation on completion of phase 2 of West Cumberland Hospital, including the new main entrance.

Below shows the ground floor of the redevelopment which will house: specialist palliative care, stroke rehabilitation & a 24 bed ‘step down’ ward. Patients will benefit from the use of a private courtyard including palliative patients who could spend time outdoors should they wish, with their own entrance to a private courtyard. Patients receiving stroke rehabilitation treatment will also have an outdoor area to undertake rehab outdoors. 

Ground Floor: 

1. Private Entrance to courtyard for Palliative patients to use 

2.  Separate area to support rehabilitation of stroke patients 

Ground Floor Plan.JPG

Below is the first floor of the redevelopment which will house Care of the Elderly as well as Children’s ward. Elderly care will have both 4 bedded areas as well as single rooms after feedback from patients stated they felt they benefitted from the company of others while recognising single rooms allow for privacy. All areas will adhere to infection prevention best practice. Children’s ward will comprise of a short stay assessment area as well as inpatients beds which can accommodate specific needs e.g. Children with learning disabilities or mental health issues.first floor.JPG

Proposed Timeline for the Project

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