A new process has been introduced at West Cumberland Hospital to create a single point of contact for anyone who has a concern or is experiencing difficulties during their pregnancy. This mirrors processess already in place at the Cumberland Infirmary and Penrith Birthing Centre.

Jo McNabb, Matron for WCH maternity services, said:

“It can be confusing knowing who to call when you’re having difficulties or concerns during pregnancy but there will now be a dedicated number at West Cumberland Hospital to call. The team will then triage and you will see the appropriate people at the right time.”

The triage numbers for each department are:

  • Cumberland Infirmary: 01228 814269
  • West Cumberland Hospital: 01946 523213
  • Penrith Birth Centre: 01768 245558 (9am - 5pm only)

More information about Maternity is on our Services page.

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