NCIC has been given the responsibility to provide potentially lifesaving vaccines to Cumbria’s school children.

We have been appointed as the provider for School Age Immunisation Services for both north and south Cumbria from 1st September 2023.

The School Aged Immunisation team play an important role in making sure children, young people and the wider population in Cumbria have a high level of protection against a range of preventable diseases, including flu, HPV, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, meningitis and MMR.School aged imms.jpg

Gayle Howarth, Specialist Nurse for Immunisation, said: “I am absolutely thrilled that our service has been recognised for their hard work and dedication to protecting our children, families and local communities by being awarded this contract for another 5+ years.

“We strongly focus on maximising overall vaccination coverage in the eligible population whilst also doing our best to make sure inequalities are identified and addressed.

“We are passionate about providing the best possible protection to children for a range of conditions and we urge all parents to take up the opportunity of getting their child vaccinated.”

 “Over 50,500 vaccinations were delivered by the team last year, we are expertise in this area and we make it our mission to make the experience as easy as possible for all our young patients.”

This year will be our largest cohort, with approximately 71,000 children to vaccinate in schools and community clinics between October and the 15th December 2023.

Kerry Foot, School Aged Immunisation Programme Lead, said: “We have a long history of successfully running the School Age Immunisation Programme in Cumbria and consistently performing better than the national uptake rates and have frequently topped the regional uptake rates for many of our programmes.”

“Our School Aged Immunisation Service team are extremely knowledgeable and passionate. We will work with our communities and partners to successfully protect Cumbria’s school-aged population from preventable diseases.”

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