If you’re referred for radiotherapy, you’ll be invited for a radiotherapy planning appointment so we can plan:

  • the type of radiotherapy you'll have
  • how many treatment sessions you'll need
  • how often you'll need treatment

During the appointment we’ll do a CT scan. The CT scan uses X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of the body. These images will tell us exactly where your cancer is and how big it is.

As part your preparation for radiotherapy, we may take a mould for an immobilisation device e.g. a special mask or a support cushion to help you keep still during treatment. We’ll also walk you through what your treatment appointment will be like so you can ask us any questions you may have .

You’ll then be invited to Cumberland Infirmary for your 1st treatment appointment. On the day, one of our radiographers will explain how we’ll look after you while you’re with us and the side effects you may experience. Treatment usually takes about 15 mins but may be longer.

Most people have several treatment sessions, which are typically spread over the course of a few weeks. While you’re receiving your treatment you’ll have regular reviews with either your oncologist or a specialist therapy radiographer to see how treatment is going and whether or not we need to make any changes to your treatment plan.

If you're struggling with the treatment and are having doubts about whether to continue, you can talk to us about this at any time.

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