We can provide treatment and support if you have any of these conditions:

blood and protein in your urine

worsening kidney blood tests

planning for dialysis and / or transplantation

We can also help you with:

  • Treatment for renal anaemia
  • Working up potential kidney donors
  • Pregnancy care for renal patients

There are 4 renal consultants based in Carlisle – Dr Jennifer Adam, Dr Andrew Bow, Dr Fiona Dallas and Dr Amer Hayat. Dr Paul Mead is the kidney consultant based in West Cumberland Hospital. Drs Shawcross and Zehnder also do some kidney medicine but mostly acute medicine.

If you are referred to our department we will see you in clinic, or sometimes on the renal ward. You will need blood tests, urine examination, then possibly a kidney scan or a kidney biopsy.

Depending on the results we will discuss the possible diagnosis and what can be done.

Quite a few of our patients need to see us long term so we have outpatient clinics in Penrith and Cockermouth, as well as in Carlisle and Whitehaven.

Our Chronic Kidney Disease Specialist nurses can discuss dialysis options with you, and they run our anaemia management programme.

We have a renal dietitian who can advise on dietary restrictions and supplements.

We have a Home Therapies Team who can support patients with peritoneal dialysis and home haemodialysis.

We offer haemodialysis at the Cumberland Infirmary, and have a satellite dialysis unit at West Cumberland Hospital.

Our transplant patients have their transplant surgery at the Freeman Hospital, but all other care is over here in North Cumbria.

Renal Secretaries, Cumberland Infirmary
01228 814772 and 814782

Renal Secretary, West Cumberland Hospital
01946 523283

Chronic Kidney Disease Nurses
01228 814726 / 01946 523165

Home Therapies Team
01128 814785 / 01946 523157

Haemodialysis Unit, Cumberland Infirmary
01228 814784

Haemodialysis Unit, West Cumberland Hospital
01946 523367