In line with NHS guidance, school age vaccinations are currently suspended due to Covid-19. They will resume once it is safe to do so.

You'll usually be sent an appointment letter when your child is due for a routine vaccination. Vaccines are not mandatory in the UK and you should be asked for your consent before each vaccination.

However, it's important to remember that vaccines will protect your child for many years against a range of serious illnesses. Without vaccination your child is at greater risk of getting these illnesses. Read about why vaccination is safe and important.

The types of vaccinations we offer are:

All vaccinations take place at your child’s school. If your child is home schooled we’ll arrange for them to be vaccinated at a local community clinic.

It’s best to have vaccines on time, but your child can still catch up on most vaccines if they miss them.


We have 2 teams across the county:

North School Aged Immunisation Department

01228 608046

01900 705867

South School Aged Immunisation Department

01539 718016 or 715277

01229 409608