Parking on the CIC site can be particularly challenging. Please allow plenty of time before your appointment and consider parking off site if you are able. There is disc parking close by and unlimited parking within a short walk.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Blue Badge Holders

Parking for blue badge holders is free. If you're using the main car park, take your blue badge and your ticket to the reception desk in the main building before you leave.

We’ll validate your ticket so you can exit the barriers free of charge. Please note that the badge holder must be present in order for us to validate your ticket. 

Blue badge holders can park in any marked parking bay, including the staff car parks. There's also a 20 minute drop off point outside the main entrance.

Children's ward

Car parking charges can be reimbursed for the parents or guardians of a child or young person who is admitted as an inpatient at hospital overnight. Where a car parking charge has been incurred between the hours of 19.30 and 08.00 please complete and return this form with the correct documents to claim your parking charges back.

Permits for those with long term appointments:

Long term appointments – (for example cancer services and renal patients) free permits are issued directly from the ward. At each appointment before the patient leaves they will be given another permit with the date pre filled in for their next appointment. These are single use only, the patient just needs to fill in the registration part as some patients get drove in by various vehicles throughout the week.

Parking permits for relatives visiting end of life patients

Free parking permits are available for relatives who are visiting patients who are at the end of their life at West Cumberland hospital or the Cumberland Infirmary.

The Trust understands that this is an exceptionally difficult time for the loved ones of those who are dying and therefore we have processes in place to make sure they are able to park free of charge.

Special permits called ‘Swan permits’ can be issued in these circumstances. From 1st March 2023 these permits will be valid for five days. (Currently they are valid for 48 hours)

The process at the Cumberland infirmary (CIC) is as follows:

A free Swan permit allows free parking for up to five days only in the dedicated concession area which is on Infirmary street behind the Cancer Centre. The map below shows this area. Permits must be authorised by the nurse in charge and can then be obtained by contacting:

  • Bereavement Team - 01228 816878 between 09:00-16:00, Monday to Friday.
  • Larch AB Ward Clerk - 01228 814450 outside of these hours or if the Bereavement team are unavailable.

Please note, we are not able to deliver permits they must be collected.

These permits are not valid in any other area. Please do not use these in any other car park as you will be at high risk of receiving a parking charge notice.

Picking up your Swan permit:

Upon arrival car users must pay as normal to use the barrier operated car parks, unless specifically advised that the permit will be ready for collection upon their arrival in which case you may use the short stay area at the front of the hospital allowing 20 minutes free parking to enter the hospital to collect the permit and return to the vehicle. You must then move your vehicle to the dedicated concessionary area and clearly display your Swan permit.

consession parking map CIC.png

Visitors are able to park in 3 car parks on the main site as well as dedicated parking for disabled visitors.

  • Car park A is the main car park on the right as you enter the site. The top of this car park is dedicated for visitors parking and the part nearest the entrance is for staff. 
  • Car park B is on the left as you enter the site.
  • Car Park C is opposite the A&E department.
  • Car park D is for disabled patients and at the rear of the hospital.

Each of these car parks are pay and display. 

Parking can be very challenging on this site please allow plenty of time before your appointment and consider parking off site if you are able.


CIC Map 2024 - Parking May 24.jpg



All other patients and visitors must pay on exit at a payment machine. The machines accept 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins. Debit and credit cards are also accepted.

  • up to 1 hour costs £1
  • up to 2 hours 15 mins costs £2
  • up to 3 hours 30 mins costs £3Car-park-CIC-9573-300x200.png
  • up to 24 hours costs £5
  • a 1 week permit costs £10
  • a 1 month permit costs £25

If you purchase a 1 week or 1 month permit, your ticket will be returned to you each time you exit the barrier system until it expires. 

Grace periods:

Entering the car park

When you enter the car park there is a 15 minute grace period where you will not be charged - this is to make sure you can find a space. You can exit for free if you leave within 15 minutes of taking your ticket.

Leaving the car park

When you have paid the ticket is valid for 15 minutes. If you stay beyond 15 minutes after you have paid you will incur further cost for car parking.

Appeals system

If you think you’ve received an unfair parking charge, please contact UK Parking Control (UKPC). You can read more about the appeals process

Automatic number plate recognition

We hope to be able to introduce Automatic number plate recognition into our public car parks in June 2024. This will make it easier for visitors to pay for their parking and never need to worry about needing to updating parking tickets as you only pay for as long as you are parked. 

What is ANPR?

This is a system that automatically reads your number plate when you enter a car park. You don’t need to collect a ticket you just park your car in any available space. When you need to leave there are different payment options. You can:

  • Put your number plate into the payment machine found at the car park. The system will find you and will know how long you have parked for and charge you accordingly. You can pay using cash or cards.
  • Express pay. You can pay by using your phone to scan a QR code and following the prompts
  • Downloading the app and using autopay. This allows you to pay for your parking at your convenience. You can pay when you get home or back to the office

How can we stop people just not paying?

Fixed penalty notices will still be issued for those who have not paid. They will also still be issued for those who do not park within the stated bays and if anyone who is not eligible parks in a restricted zone such as the disabled care park without a blue badge.

What if I don’t have a phone or don’t want to pay on my phone?

You can pay using the cash or card payment system that will be in the car park you are parked in. You just need to put in your number plate and it will tell you how long you have parked for and what you owe.

I don’t have the app can I still park?

Yes you can. You can pay using the cash or card payment system that will be in the car park