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Wound Care
Workington Hospital - Ellerbeck Ward
Vulva Biopsy
Urology Attend anywhere clinic
Unexpected death - information for family and friends
Thromboembolism - Preventing Venous Thromboembolism VTE
Termination of pregnancy
Termination -Manual vacuum aspiration termination of pregnancy
Stroke - Stroke wellbeing service
Stroke - Relationships and intimacy after stroke
Stroke - Rehabilitation at home
Stroke - Emotional wellbeing after a stroke
Stroke - Early Supported Stroke discharge team
Stroke - Continence following a stroke
Spirometry service
Speech Language Therapy Adults
Sexual Health Precoil information
Sexual health - Nexplan aftercare
Sexual health - Care of the genital skin
Respiratory Pulmonary - Rehabilitation classes
Respiratory - Options for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Pressure ulcers
Post Nephrectomy information
Podiatry service
Podiatry - Ways to reduce risk of infection
Podiatry - Verruca
Podiatry - Rheumatoid foot
Podiatry - Pressure damage
Podiatry - Offloading
Podiatry - Nail care
Podiatry - High risk foot
Podiatry - Fungal skin infection
Podiatry - Fungal nail infection
Podiatry - Footwear and hosiery
Podiatry - Foot ulcers
Podiatry - Corns and Callous.
Podiatry - Chilblains
Physiotherapy - Perineal injury
Physiotherapy - Neurological
Physiotherapy - Musculoskeletal
Physiotherapy - Abdominal surgery -
Penrith Hospital
Patient information - How we use your information
Palliative Care service
Palliative Care - Syringe driver
Palliative Care - Steroids
Palliative Care - Pregabalin
Palliative Care - Morphine or Oxycodone
Palliative Care - Just in case medication
Palliative Care - Fentanyl
Palliative Care - Driving advice
Orthodontics - Removable retainer instructions
Orthodontics - Removable brace
Orthodontics - Rapid maxillary expansion
Orthodontics - Psychology leaflet
Orthodontics - Oral hygiene
Orthodontics - Mandibular Advancement Devices OSA
Orthodontics - Looking after your functional brace
Orthodontics - Jaw surgery
Orthodontics - Jaw joint problems
Orthodontics - Fixed brace instructions
Orthodontics - Cover plate
Oncology Service
No Place Like Home Factsheet
Nephrostomy Tube - Discharge leaflet
Miscarriage - Manual vacuum aspiration miscarriage
Mionor injuries - Mallet finger injury
Minor injury - Pulled Elbow Advice
Minor injury - Nose bleed
Minor injury - Head injury child
Minor injury - Head injury adult
Minor injury - Burns and scalds
Minor injury - Broken nose
Minor injuries - Wound closure strips
Minor injuries - Use of Elbow Crutches
Minor injuries - Tetanus immunisation
Minor injuries - Shoulder injury
Minor injuries - Pretibial Lacerations
Minor injuries - Neck sprains
Minor injuries - Knee injury.
Minor injuries - Distal radial fracture
Minor injuries - Chest Injury exercises
Minor injuries - Calf injury
Minor Injuries - Back pain
Minor injuries - Ankle injury
Maternity Notes App User Guide
Maternity - Pain relief in labour
Maternity - My Birth Plan
Maternity - Choices for place of birth
Lung investigations
Loweswater Suite
Loss of smell - Anosmia
Loop Excision
Leg ulcers - Venous disorders lower leg
Leg Ulcers - Doppler ultrasound
Leg ulcers - Compression bandaging
Leg ulcers - Care of your skin
Leg ulcer - Exercises
Leg ulcer - Compression hosiery
Kidney stones - Discharge information
Keswick Hospital
Hysteroscopy - Post Hysteroscopy Clinic Information
Hysteroscopy - Outpatient
Hysterectomy for Endometrial Cancer
Hospital Discharge NHS - Going Home
Hospital Discharge NHS - Another Place
Hospital Discharge NHS
Hospital Book Section
Hip fracture
Health records
Gynaecology PV Bleeding in early pregnancy
Gynaecology - Vulval Intraepithelial neoplasis VIN
Gynaecology - Discharge from Gynaecology Cancer follow up
Gynaecological Oncology
General Data Protection Regulation
Freedom of information
Fracture Clinic - Radial head neck fracture
Fracture Clinic - Proximal humeral fracture
Fracture Clinic - Discharge advice
Fracture clinic - Clavicle fracture
Flu Easy Read
Falls Prevention
Epidural bloodpatch
ENT-LPR Silent Reflux
ENT Exercises to regain balance
ENT Ear Drops
ENT Douching
ENT Betnovate lotion
ENT Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
ENT - Brandt Daroff Exercises
Eliminating Bladder irritants
Duty of Candour - Being open
DNACPR Cardio Pulmonary Resus
District Nursing
Discharge from Hospital
Diabetes- Charcot foot
Diabetes your guide to retinal screening.
Diabetes Gestational
Diabetes Foot Clinic
Diabetes exercise and blood sugar.
Diabetes - Looking after your foot in remission
Diabetes - Foot ulcers
Diabetes - Foot care for people at medium risk
Diabetes - Foot care for patients at low risk
Diabetes - Foot care for patients at high risk
Diabetes - Casting
Dental Patients X-ray Easy read
Covid19 Experiencing voice problems
COVID NHS Discharge from hospital
COVID NHS Discharge from A&E.
Covid - Post Covid cognition
Copeland Unit
Contraception - Sugammadex Administration
Consent easy read
Consent - A guide for patients and service users
Confidentiality - Report concerns
Confidentiality - Easy Read version
Confidentiality - A guide for people
Confidentiality - A guide for families and carers
Compliment Comments Complaints - Easy Read images
Compliment Comment Complaint - Easy read words
Community Bladder Bowel Service
Comments, Concerns, Compliments, Complaints
Colposcopy examination
Colposcopy - Loop excision
Cold Coagulation
Cockermouth Hospital - Isel ward
Childrens - School Footwear
Childrens - Plantar Fasciitis
Cervical Screening - History review
Cervical Punch Biopsy
Cervical Polyp
Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Breast Surgery - Eczema of the breast or nipple
Breast Cancer - Radiofrequency seed localisation
Arterial Disorders of the leg
Antidepressants in Pregnancy Breastfeeding
Amputee- Compression sock
Amputee - Website information
Amputee - Sports activities
Amputee - Removable Rigid Dressing
Amputee - Psychology
Amputee - Prosthetic Limb wearer
Amputee - Prosthetic Department
Amputee - Podiatry
Amputee - Physiotherapy following amputation
Amputee - Physio exercises transtibial
Amputee - Physio exercises transfemoral
Amputee - Physio exercises - Core stability
Amputee - Phantom Limb Pain
Amputee - Orthotics
Amputee - Occupational Therapy
Amputee - Information for patients and families following amputation
Amputee - How do I get up from the floor after a fall
Amputee - Falls information
Amputee - Driving after amputation
Amputee - Diabetes and Exercise
Amputee - Antiperspirant advice following amputation
Advice following anaesthetic
Adults dentist passport
Acquired Brain Injury team
Acquired Brain Injury information
Acquired brain injury - Driving advice
Access to records
Fracture Clinic - 5th Metatarsal fracture.
Covid - Long Covid